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Interested in the French culture? Keen to use and keep up your French knowledge? In need of some help for an exam, for work or for a trip to a French speaking country? Passionate about French cinema? Get in touch with me! I would be delighted to guide you and help you.

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what people say

“I have been doing grinds with Lisa for over two years. They have been extremely beneficial and I definitely wouldn’t be at the leveI I am now without the help I have received from Lisa.

As I am dyslexic, I found it difficult to grasp French to begin with but with Lisa’s teaching and support I was able to achieve a great result in honours French last year. I am extremely grateful to Lisa.”


“Your French conversation class was truly excellent and one of the best educational experiences I have had in a long time. prepared materials for the class carefully, grading them for the different levels of ability so that everyone felt included and those with more fluency brought the weaker ones along with them.
Your emphasis on grammar, accent and pronunciation were pitched so that it its importance was stressed without spoiling the natural flow of the class.
You were sensitive to peoples lack of confidence gently urging them along and thus building their confidence and creating an atmosphere that was full of enthusiasm and energy.”

Brian /Ashford

“Lisa is such a great teacher that you don’t realize you are learning until suddenly you notice how for you have progressed. Thank you, Lisa, for all you have taught us about how French life is reflected in the French language, and you have even made it fun to learn grammar, all the while having great discussions!’

Julie / Bray

“This is a very enjoyable and relaxed way to start practising that rusty French vocabulary and grammar!

Good interaction and practical conversation in a friendly environment. Really enjoyed first term and looking forward to January.”

Carole Anne / Roundwood

“I started doing French Lessons with Lisa in September. I have learnt an incredible amount in a short space of time!

Lisa makes the lessons exciting and fun. 

When I had a French oral exam in school, my teacher was really impressed with my pronunciation, which I knew was down to the fact that Lisa is a native French speaker and so it’s easy to pick it up from her! 

I always look forward to my French grinds.” 


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